My name is Hope Vista. I created the concept for 25/8 PR at the back end of 2015, when a lot of aspects of my life were changing. The goal was simple - I wanted to provide affordable press campaigns to unsigned artists on a budget, musicians looking to dip their toes in the water.

But I had no sense of business.

Never taken a single business class in college, had no clue what defined an LLC, how to start an 'official' business. I had also never taken a public relations class; what I did have was a BFA in writing, as well as a ton of knowledge on how to effectively research to attain a particular goal (thank you, thesis papers). I began to research - a lot. This process lasted for a few months, as I delved my mind into the world of public relations in the music industry. I knew that I would not be taken seriously as a publicist throughout our year of inception, so I continued to research. The more knowledge I soaked in, the more determined I became to build a company that was dedicated to up and coming musicians who simply could not afford a 4-figure-a-month press campaign. Why do they have to break the bank to receive some media coverage? Why isn't there a public relations company that provides the same services as these high-end companies, just at a more affordable (and reasonable) rate? Why isn't anyone vouching for these artists if they just simply have a firm budget?

I created 25/8 PR to be the voucher.

I wanted to create this blog space to allow some of our artists a place to introduce themselves to you, the reader. I also wanted to use this space to hear some words from people that I work with in this ever-changing industry, to let them share their insight.

Thank you for reading my words, visiting our site, and taking the time to look around.

Welcome to 25/8 PR.