Shooting 3 Music Videos In One Day - written by Mikey Pace of Brookline

It's been a hard year for me and the guys. We’ve gone through line up changes, massive life events, and through it all somehow managed to keep Brookline alive. When the dust finally started to settle we had four songs, no bassist, and three music videos to shoot with essentially no time.

The discussion began on which videos to cancel, what songs deserved a video the most, should the single be the only music video we release for this EP? So many questions and no good answers. We had such cool and different ideas for each song, no one wanted to see any of them fall to the wayside.

So I sat down with Robbie Lewis, my best friend and the capital regions best up and coming videographer, and we found a date where neither the band or he had any other commitments. The gears started turning, and after a few text messages to the group chat, a couple other friends to secure the locations for filming, and a big deep breath, we had a plan. In a day that would last 12 hours we would film all three music videos at two separate locations.

At 6am we began setting up our equipment and rearranging our practice space to film the music video for our single ‘Dive In’. By 10 am we were just about through and moved on to drum takes for a song called ‘Transparent,’ which will be on our new EP. Due to a time constraint with Chris (our drummer,) we had to move to our next location and begin filming the full band shots we needed to get there. After moving all our equipment and changing clothes around noon, everyone was starving and the barn we were filming in was absolutely freezing, but we pushed through and finished up all the full band shots for our song ‘Day Trip’. We took a short break for lunch and began to film B-roll for ‘Transparent’ in a separate section of the barn. Around 4pm it was time to move yet again. We packed up and went back to our practice space where we would finish out the day filming Tommy’s, Dae’s, and my parts for the rest of the transparent video.

At 6pm we were all dead tired, but we had done it. Despite all the time constraints, set backs, arguments, and everything else. The three videos we had envisioned for this EP would come to life after all. If you’ve ever spent time around Brookline you’ll know there are two phrases that get thrown around a lot. It is my personal belief that these two phrases embody the overall experience of working in this band. They are as follows: “Full Sends Only” and “I Cannot Believe We Pulled That Off”.

This energy was not in short supply on that Sunday, and it is for this reason I will always be eternally proud of myself and my bandmates dedication to seeing our vision brought to life no matter what life throws at us.

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