Philadelphia's The Bad Bees Release New EP "The Time It Takes"

Photo: Antonio C. Esposito

PHILADELPHIA, PA | OCTOBER 18TH, 2019 - Philadelphia-based indie rock band The Bad Bees have released their new EP "The Time It Takes," out on all digital platforms NOW. Originally introduced by their most recent single "Always Restart," the 4-track EP is is a clear representation of growth and evolution. Although a short collection, the songs pack a powerful punch, maintaining their familiar quirky and distinctive indie rock characteristics. "The Time It Takes" is a well-polished and mature showing of where The Bad Bees are headed.

The Bad Bees are a group of friends that clambered out of the primordial soup of their local scene. After a summer spent in a smokey basement jamming with a larger group of musicians, the four of them banded together and started playing gigs. Drawing on their diverse shared influences, from Mars Volta to Fleet Foxes, they spent the next few years between studios and stages forming their sound. 

 The Bad Bees debuted their first EP Fast Paced Space in 2016. The spaced-out, progressive sound earned them quick success when their music video for 'Starcrushed' found popularity and earned them a spot playing an iHeart Radio show with Misterwives at Festival Pier, in Philadelphia. They followed it up in 2017 with another set of songs called Big Pretty, which they took on tour in the summer of 2018.  Now, they're ready to unleash their newest EP: The Time It Takes. With their most honest and vibrant work yet, The Bad Bees have evolved into a dynamic wall of sound. This may not be their final form, but they’re excited to show it off.

Their new EP "The Time It Takes" is available on all digital platforms NOW

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