Nae's "80's Arcade" Is A Retro Synthpop Dream

CLEARWATER, FL | JANUARY 10TH, 2020 - Florida-based synthpop artist Nae has released a new single, titled "80's Arcade," out on all digital platforms NOW. Approaching her music with a genuine and unfiltered lyrical approach, Nae’s music is electropop perfection, filled with addictive melodies and sweet production. Although fairly new to the pop world, Nae’s sound is seasoned; “80’s Arcade” is a well-crafted single that’ll be candy to everyone’s ears. About the single, she states:

"I hope this song makes you want to go spend the day at an arcade. There is so much passion and love in this song. I wanted to create a fun song for everyone that serves as a reminder to people to figure out where their relationship was last most promising and go back and chase it. "80’s Arcade" is the second song I’ve ever written and recorded in a studio setting."

Synth pop vocalist Nae is writing her own formula. Having a strong passion to perform, she uses personal lyricism to keep a consistent theme throughout each song she writes. With an ambitious artistry, Nae has collaborated with a multitude of up and coming producers to plant her feet into the world of pop. Her intimate and genuine approach to the genre is parallel to her personal happenings, striving to operate on honesty and relatability in her craft. Nae’s upcoming single release “80’s Arcade” (out January 10th), is an electric burst of synth candy, filled to the brim with addictive melodies and pulsating production. A rising electro-pop gem, Nae is refreshingly engaging and raw. "80's Arcade" is available on all digital platforms NOW

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