Written by: Kristen Zarra

Midnight Riot Magazine was created out of the love for the emotion and family feeling music brings. We focus on all things that make the industry tick - not just the shows. Our main focus is to bring light to the local South Jersey and Philly scene where we grew up and fueled our passion. Midnight Riot was formed in December of 2019, and in just a short couple of months have featured both local and national artists. We are working on showcasing the talent that goes into the ‘behind the scenes’ such as graphic artists for merch/album design, photographers, TM’s and merch managers, to highlight all the hard work that goes into making an artist have a brand and a successful tour.

Despite being a small online publication, we have high hopes for the future. Both founders are planning on how to reach more viewers, find new small shows to share, and gain the artists that are featured more fans. Eventually we hope to have a platform to hold a charity festival, where there is an opportunity to showcase artists while raising money for a good cause. It’s important to use to be able to find a way to pay it forward, so why not combine the two?! We want to be known for being genuine to who we are, and where we came from all while continuing to grow and branch out. We hope to hear from you about anything music related!

-Midnight Riot


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