Written by: Karalyn Hope

Hi! My name is Karalyn Hope and I am the owner of For The Punks, a resource and publication launched in the summer of 2019 for fans, musicians, and creators to connect, learn, and grow together.

Our resource aspect, or our Explore pages, of For The Punks are growing lists/databases of photographers, musicians, publications, tours, podcasts, and more. Anyone can submit their work with us to be added to the Explore pages. One of my favorite pages right now is our “Find a Tour” page where you can explore tours of all genres currently happening and that are upcoming. This page is perfect for everyone: the fan, the journalist, the musician. You have the chance to explore tours visiting your area and connect with new people, no matter who you are, all in one place.

The more information that is submitted to our Explore pages, the more information that is accessible to fans and other creators from around the world. You (the musician, the artist, the fan) power the Explore pages of For The Punks.

Our publication aspect features musicians, photographers, artists, clothing companies and more. Each month we aim to have a clothing company, musician, and creator of the month. I love this aspect of our page. For example, if a musician has a new album dropping in the month of March, we would consider featuring them in the month of March! We are always looking for photographers, artists, musicians, and anyone who would like their work/art featured on our publication aspect of the site. Pitch us your work to be considered!

We are always looking for new creative minds to add to our team, including writers, interviewers, photographers, and anyone who wants to educate fans and creators. For The Punks is always growing with new ideas and interactive tools and we need creative minds to help build and control these tools.

For The Punks is for everyone- not just “punks.”