Written by: Emily of Buzzkill Zine

Buzzkill didn’t start out as a music magazine. I write a lot in my spare time - poetry, fiction, long-form essays - and every single time I would submit, I received a rejection. I became so discouraged, but I decided that, instead of giving up on sharing my work with the world, I would make space for myself online and force the world to hear me. It wasn’t long after I founded Buzzkill that I realized that wasn’t what it was meant to be, so I turned it into a place that I, and anyone who wanted to, really, could talk about the bands they love. Not long after that, I had a revelation - I wanted Buzzkill to be an American publication that highlighted British bands, giving them the chance to grow their audience over here. So, Buzzkill was a little all over the place for a while, but I’m proud to say it’s settled nicely into its niche.

Despite that angle of American publication hell-bent on growing audiences for British bands that I’ve spent the last few months cultivating, Buzzkill is, without a doubt, still a place to discover and foster your passions. Never written an album review but your favorite band has a release coming up and you want to give it a go? Buzzkill can arrange that. Love photography and just gotten started but have yet to get approved to work a show because you don’t have a publication backing you? Buzzkill would love to be that publication. We’re also always trying to uncover the best in modern British rock. Any art you create - or want to start creating - would be my pleasure to house on Buzzkill. If Buzzkill sounds like something you’ve been looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out about contributing for us.




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