Written By: Cheyenne Simmons (Founder & Publisher of BSP)

About four years ago I decided I wanted to combine my passion for photography and my love for music. I knew I wanted to have the end game of being a full-time touring photographer, but had no idea about anything or even where to start. I was lucky enough to meet a girl named Mia in my hometown of Pittsburgh who was currently doing what I wanted. She became my mentor and helped me learn everything from applying for PR to camera settings. Eventually after many closed doors I landed a spot on a smaller publication as a contributing photographer, after awhile I managed to land myself an editor position on that same team. Unfortunately that publication died out, but I knew that there were people out there that I could pay it forward to and help them chase their dreams like I was doing. That’s when I decided to start Black Serpent Press.

Black Serpent Press was founded on October 17th, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Black Serpent was founded with the sole purpose to be a stepping stone into the music industry. The music industry is one of the hardest to break into, and we want to help break that barrier. Our purpose here at Black Serpent is to give a platform to up and coming musical artists, to help showcase their music that would otherwise may not have been noticed. We do this by showcasing their work up along side bigger well known artists. We do not only help musicians wanting to display their work, we also help those behind the scenes. We give a place for writers, photographers, and many other creatives to showcase what they've got when other publications turn them down for lack of experience. Black Serpent Press has a mission to be one of the most well known outlets in the music industry. We wish to be known for our inclusiveness and honesty. It is also part of our mission to never knowingly publish false information, as we want to give our reader the most accurate and truthfully content we possibly can.



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