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Written by: Madeline Matthews

Alternative Sound is dedicated to all things music. We love talking about bands and artists from all around the world, in any genre, from the mainstream to the ultra-underground, but we specialize in covering smaller, lesser-known acts that we think deserve to be heard. Formed in late 2018 under the name GRIT Music, we started writing reviews for different records that we were listening to, and reaching out to local bands to interview and write about. We then started receiving requests from other artists asking to be featured, changed the name of the site to Alternative Sound, and today we are lucky to have a steady stream of talented musicians from all walks of life reaching out to us for coverage.

Although we are a small online publication, the goal of Alternative Sound has always been to create a community through music. As we continue growing the website and improving as a publication, we are determined to stay true to our core values of integrity and authenticity, values that we believe are not only important in our work, but for music and music fans everywhere. In the coming years, we hope to expand our platform to give even more artists the attention they deserve, and create more music-centric content that engages viewers and supports a global music scene that everyone can be a part of.

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