If You Want Something Done Right, Be Prepared to Do It Alone - written by Kelly Barber of Wave Break

I’m Kelly and I sing and play guitar in a band called Wave Break. We’ve managed to accomplish a good amount in our short 2.5 year history; we released an EP, went out on the road a couple of times, and played with some of our favorite bands. Despite the mild success though, our beginnings were rocky due to having to endure a few lineup changes.

The first lineup change was arguably the toughest. After starting up in Boston, two bandmates informed us that they weren’t going to stick around much longer. Since we had only been around for a few months at that point, I decided I might as well take the opportunity to move home to New Jersey to tend to my mental health and find new bandmates there. I searched for the majority of 2018, and throughout that time we had a couple of fill-in musicians at shows. We put out our debut EP that year and went out on the road for the first time too. However, prior to the EP release we were still a “Boston-based” band and I frequently needed to drive 4+ hours up to Boston for “local” shows.

Finally, at the end of 2018 we had a full lineup again. At that point I was reinvigorated and extremely excited for the future. Everyone in the band had great stage presence, could play very well, and got along with everyone else really well too. I knew that with that lineup, it was only a matter of time before the scene would catch onto us. We played together for around 6 months; we played a couple of big local shows and even did a short 5-day tour together, which Ken filled in on before becoming a permanent member.

It was like night and day; despite everything going extremely well, everyone else in the band decided to prioritize other things. Which is fine, but not great for Wave Break. We suddenly couldn’t schedule practices, writing sessions or shows because it was impossible to work around everyone’s schedules. Arguments would break out whenever this was pointed out. We found ourselves home from a tour but with almost no other shows coming up, no new music in the works, and no idea what was happening from there. I knew what we had to do, but no one else was on the same page anymore. No one else felt the urgency I did. I felt myself slipping into a depression due to stagnancy. I felt like a failure; the lineup I was so excited about six months prior was already falling apart, and we hadn’t even recorded anything together yet.

It didn’t even feel like I was in a band anymore.

After the band was in total limbo for three whole months, Ken and I decided to move forward as a two-piece until we could find replacements who would dedicate themselves fully to Wave Break. While staying mostly quiet for the rest of the year on social media, we wrote and recorded our new single “Out of Breath”, filmed a music video, and planned our return.

Fast forward to now, we released “Out of Breath” which is now quickly becoming our most successful song to date. We have a show coming up with Sleep On it which is one of our favorite bands. We’re doing a weekender in the tri-state area soon and planning more shows as well. We’ve almost finished writing a new EP and will be in the studio again soon. We may only be a two-piece right now, but we’ve already proven that we’re just as strong as any other band with a full lineup. When we have our own full lineup again, we will be utterly unstoppable.

We won’t be rushing into finding new bandmates again just for the sake of having a full lineup; when it’s right, we will know. We wish our ex-bandmates well in their future endeavors, but everything is on the up right now and it’s all because we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Don’t sacrifice your dreams because someone on your team decided to put them on the back burner against your will. Your dreams are worth more than that.


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