Eric Francis Releases Instrumental Version of Latest LP "Under A Fake Sky"

LONG ISLAND, NY | SEPT 25th, 2020 - Progressive metal artist Eric Francis has released his new LP "Under A Fake Sky," available on all digital platforms NOW. Creating a deliberate sense of “musical whiplash” in his sound, Eric Francis uses a contrast between light and heavy elements in his writing. “Under A Fake Sky” was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic from March - July, and was created entirely by Francis in his home while in quarantine. Originally released on August 28th, he is excited to share the instrumental version a month later. About the instrumental LP, Eric states:

"I believe that the instrumental version of Under a Fake Sky provides a very different listening experience than the original album. Whether you dislike vocals in general or just want to focus your attention on the riffs and drum parts, you'll definitely hear these songs in a new way without the vocals. Personally, I find the instrumental album to be very relaxing."

Progressive metal artist Eric Francis is always trying something different. Experimenting with elements of many rock and metal subgenres, his discography is a sonic melting pot always open for expansion. Self-described as creating a sense of ‘musical whiplash,’ Francis’ music is characterized by complicated rhythm guitar parts and “airy”, ambient leads, using a contrast between light and heavy elements in his writing. Prior to releasing music as a solo artist, Francis collaborated with many bands local to his home on Long Island.

His new LP, ‘Under A Fake Sky,” (released August 28th) was created during the COVID-19 pandemic by Francis himself. Although the record was unplanned, Eric found himself inspired by the confines of quarantine to produce, write, record, mix, and master an album from his home. Lyrically, the LP tells the story of his personal experiences with quarantine, isolation, current events, and the COVID-19 pandemic. “Under A Fake Sky” is a mesh of progressive metal and djent sounds that blend together seamlessly.




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