MEET THE PUBLICATION: Dissonants Magazine

Dissonants Magazine began in the spring of 2018. The main mission of the site is to cover bands and musicians that stand out, shining a spotlight on acts that we find unique. The site initially stemmed from a school project about creating a website and using social media as a promotion tool. Once the project was finished I took the skills that I had learned and rebranded the publication and its accompanying social media accounts to what they are today.

Since Dissonants was created we have featured music from various genres including pop, indie, alternative, pop punk, post-hardcore and metalcore. We have a huge passion for supporting smaller bands and musicians. The large majority of the coverage on the site allows us to share that passion by creating content about acts from local music scenes across the US, Canada and other parts of the globe. In the future we hope to take Dissonants to another level and show people unique music that deserves to be heard.