Camille Peruto Releases New LP "Perfect Vision"

NEW JERSEY, USA | SEPTEMBER 24th, 2021 - Alt pop songstress Camille Peruto has released her new LP "Perfect Vision" available on all digital platforms NOW. The LP's stirring lead single, "Pretty on the Outside" rests fearlessly in a somber acoustic pop/rock realm, reminiscent of early 2000's powerhouses Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch. Carrying haunting undertones, the song unexpectedly evolves into a grungy, potent punch of its own, growing in edginess throughout. As a whole, "Perfect Vision" focuses on evolution and experimentation, dipping into a taste of dreamy, yet alternative-based, elements that blend perfectly with Camille's powerful vocals. "Perfect Vision" is a new taste of pop for Camille - and listeners get to enjoy the undertaking with her. About the album, she states:

“Perfect Vision” is an album that I’ve been writing for years. The whole album is a collection of songs that describe what my perfect vision of life would be. I wrote my first genuine love songs. I took memories from harder times and made myself see them from a new perspective. There is always a silver lining.

Alternative pop vocalist Camille Peruto wears many colors - all bold, and ever-changing. The NJ-based vocalist didn’t always rest comfortably in an alt-blend, originally maintaining a sleek mix of folk, pop, and rock elements in her releases. Her brand new 3rd album, “Perfect Vision,” finds Camille swimming outside of her previous realm, taking on a more somber, introspective approach. The album is a swift, but carefully written, departure from her previous album, 2017’s “From the Sea to the Sky,” a body of work that was drenched with hazy, dream-like, and haunting sounds that lightly buffer the overtly pop-driven songs. Camille’s evolution from singer-songwriter to budding pop songstress has led her down many roads, including being played on Philadelphia radio stations WXPN, WMMR, WSTW, and 104.5, and racking up a million streams on her 2019 single “Silver Lining”. Her latest single, the edgy “Pretty on the Outside”, is saturated in fiery spirit and energetic drive, a perfect first sip of her darker tones. Vivid, melodious, and overdosed with catchy hooks, Camille Peruto’s music is a drink of refreshing vibrancy.



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