A New Year Awaits...

As we wrap up our fourth (holy) year of business and reflect on this year's work, it's impossible to not feel excited about the new decade that's approaching.

This year, we worked with a total of 38 artists on a wide range of campaigns. Alongside shifting our business model throughout Q3 and Q4, we also started a new branch of 25/8, called 25/8 Presents. This subsidiary focuses on booking and promoting local shows on Long Island, New York. Jumping into this area of the industry has been a learning curve, but also something that immediately felt natural, getting the opportunity to bring more than 30 artists to the stage at Amityville Music Hall (Amityville, New York). Our bills are diverse, but we also put emphasis on equal promotion and hard work. We will be working to expand 25/8 Presents more in 2020, and will be announcing multiple shows for Q1 of the year soon.

As always, our biggest emphasis is on the expansion and growth of 25/8 PR. In 2019, we updated our business model, as well as our general campaign goals and overall mission. Although our primary focus remains on digital press (interviews, reviews, guest blogs, etc.), we continue to educate ourselves on the evolution of the music industry and the impact of certain technologies on new releases. To supplement traditional press coverage, we began offering a wide range of internal campaign services, including writing or re-writing your artist bio, creating an EPK for you on an already-existing artist website, providing tips/insight on how to effectively leverage your social media accounts, writing out social media posts for our artists to use in any capacity, submitting new music to independent Spotify curators, and much more. These additional services (included within a general press campaign) allow us to not only work with our artists on a more personal level, but also maximize their press opportunities. The world of public relations is ever-changing, as is technology; it's important to evolve and adapt with these changes.

Thank you to those who have helped us grow this year, and to those who have continued to provide us with the inspiration to both expand and develop. We anticipate 2020 to be a year of change and progression.


EMAIL: info@258PR.com or hope@258PR.com