25/8 PR x InVogue Records Partnership

We are incredibly excited to share the news of our new partnership with InVogue Records!

25/8 PR will be working with InVogue to help with publicity and marketing strategies for their incredibly talented and diverse roster of artists. This partnership is our first, and we are very grateful to InVogue owner Nicholas Moore for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow. 25/8 PR was born in my godfather's living room at the end of 2015 - it was an idea I randomly blurted out one night, despite having no prior experience in public relations. Since then, I've built this company from scratch on my own, soaking in hours upon hours of research. It's a continuous learning process, but I've always been prepared to jump on the curve. Our partnership with InVogue is the culmination of many sleepless nights spent reading articles about how to make our work the most personal and strongest it can be.

Thank you to all of the clients we've accumulated since March 2016, and to those who still choose to work with us to this day. You are how we grow.

For anything InVogue related (no, I am not A&R - please do not email me any submissions), please contact me at: hope@invoguerecords.com

For all other inquiries 25/8 PR related: hope@258PR.com or info@258PR.com

For something not related to any of these things: hopevista@gmail.com