WHO IS 25/8 PR?

25/8 PR is a bold music-based public relations company founded on Long Island, New York in early 2016. 

25/8 PR offers our services and expertise to act as the liaison between artist and media to garner press coverage for a specific release. Our primary focus is digital press coverage (online publications; interviews, features, reviews, guest blogs). Although we run our campaigns with a traditional approach, we also understand that the world of PR is ever-changing. We view our company as a new member of your team, and aim to help you achieve your release goals in many different capacities. Within our campaigns, we offer additional services to supplement traditional press coverage. This can include re-writing or writing your artist bio, creating an electronic press kit for you on your artist website, providing tips and suggestions for your social media accounts, writing out potential social media posts, branding tips, sending your music to independent Spotify playlists, and more. It is our mission to provide reasonably priced, quality campaigns to up and coming artists that expand beyond the realm of a typical public relations firm. Bold, empowered, and open; with 25/8 PR, it’s always personal.

Our press campaigns primarily focus on securing the following types of press coverage: 

- interviews 

- reviews

- features 

- guest blogs 

- press release distribution

Oh, and playlisting is not a marketing plan.

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